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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Potential Saving In Lighting Energy Due To Advancement In Indian Standard Time: An Enquiry In Context Of Commercial Office Spaces In India

Padmini Rajaram, Rajan Rawal

Abstract: The study aims at quantifying the savings in lighting energy consumption for office buildings in India due to the permanent advancement of Indian standard time from +0530 to +0600 GMT. The study initiates by walk through energy audit to evaluate lighting load and occupancy details for Ahmedabad and Kolkata. This data is used to develop reference models for simulations and determine lighting energy consumption. The time advancement is analyzed by shifting occupancy schedules for office spaces, hence parametric combinations of occupancy schedules with different floor plate sizes, aspect ratios, window wall ratio with lighting controls are analyzed. Results from these models show 6.29% savings in the lighting energy consumption. KEYWORDS Lighting energy consumption, Indian Standard Time, Office buildings, Energy Simulation, Occupancy schedules
Pages: 1639 - 1646