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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Measured occupancy levels in 18 Swedish apartment buildings – application to input data for building simulations

Dennis Johansson, Hans Bagge, Lotti Lindstrii

Abstract: When performing energy use simulations in dwellings, the occupancy level is a h ighly important part of the internal load. The level of occ upancy is also important for moisture design issues. It has been shown that the life cycle c ost can be lower for a dwelling with a v ariable airflow v entilation system based on occupancy, though such a sy stem is more expensive. Only a few st udies have est imated the occupancy levels. T o combat the lack of available data on this topic, occupancy levels were measured through the airflow rates in the ventilation systems and carbon dioxide concentrations in 18 Swedish apartment buildings on four locations spread over Sweden comprising 342 apartments in total. The measurements were m ade on building level wh ich means that no di stribution data inside a building between apartments were available. This paper presents results from the measurements, which lasted for a yea r and were taken every 30 minutes. The results give average occupancy rates as well as time distributed occupancy data.
Pages: 1730 - 1736