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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Development of modeling and simulation strategies for large-scale urban districts

Jörg Huber, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen

Abstract: This contribution concerns strategies about how to model and simulate the energy demand and the energy supply of whole urban districts. For this purpose, different specialized simulation tools with adapted levels of detail are combined to a higher strategy. Reaching sufficient results for complex urban district models can be achieved for example by a variation in the level of detail of the physics, in the space and time resolution of the model or in the model accuracy. If there is a possibility to simplify parts of the system model without a degradation in the results, the simulation can be accelerated considerably. A combination of several tools and their relation between each other shall be the solution for such a complex simulation question. Here, one of the challenges is the data transfer from one tool to the other for a flexible and detailed analysis. The application of these strategies is shown in a use case: The simulation and optimization of an energy infrastructure system for 2,000 new planned residential buildings in a 35 ha urban district, as part of a New Town in Northern Iran.
Pages: 1753 - 1760