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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Three Complementory Methods To Determine Heat Losses Of Dwellings

Frans G Koene

Abstract: Frans G.H. Koene Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO PO Box 49 2600 AA Delft The Netherlands Email: Thirdly and finally, annual energy consumption depends on the mildness of the winter, in particular A methodology is presented that entails three ways to determine the heat losses of a dwelling in the heating season, each using a different set of data. The first method gives an indication of the theoretical ‘energetic’ quality of a dwelling, the second and third provide an indication of the actual ‘energetic’ quality of the dwelling. The third method includes effects of user behaviour. The methodology was applied to the private dwellings of (former) colleagues. It appeared that the three ways of calculating the heat losses provide comparable values for a variety of dwellings, showing the validity of the approach.
Pages: 1863 - 1870