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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Feed-forward air-conditioning control using a weather forecasting data in school building in heating season

Yasuo Utsumi, Ken Hatakeyama, Kazuyuki Kamimura

Abstract: To achieve the low-carbon society, Japanese government has conducted; 1) to revise “Laws Concerning the Rational Use of Energy”, 2) to manifest reducing 25 % of CO2 emission, and 3) to participate COP15 as international activity. Various techniques have been applied for energy conservation of building individually. Recently, commissioning (Cx) that assesses whether building performance based on simulation at design stage has been often conducted recently in Japan. There are some cases that energy efficient methods are not implemented properly and it is helpful to develop the system for monitoring and/or visualization of the information about operation and management of the HVAC control system. This paper introduces the system which enables to solve the above problem by automatic airconditioning control based utilizing the predicted simulation. The simulation consists of two parts: the estimation of necessary energy load based on the set temperature and usage schedule of rooms in building, weather forecasting, etc. using TRNSYS, and also the calculation of optimum driving schedule of HVAC system of the building according to the estimated heat load using GAMS. As preliminary study, the system was installed in Regional Innovation Center (410 m2) located in Sendai National College of Technology (latitude E148deg., longitude N38deg.), Japan and verification experiment was conducted in winter.
Pages: 1899 - 1904