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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Energy Efficiency Vs Subjective Comfort: A Multiobjective Optimization Method Under Uncertainty

Céline Villa, Raphaël Labayrade

Abstract: A multiobjective optimisation methodology is proposed to optimise building design against both physical performance (such as energy efficiency) and psychophysical performance (such as occupant comfort). The originality of the method is 1) the integration of subjective data obtained from psychophysical tests in multiobjective optimisation method and 2) the management of uncertainties inherent to subjective data through a Monte Carlo process. The methodology was developed through a case study of office lighting optimisation. Psychovisual tests were performed from computer generated images obtained using a light transport simulation package. f₂ f 2A > f 2B C A B f 1A < f 1B f₁ Pareto Front Optimal Solutions Dominated Solutions
Pages: 1905 - 1912