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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Research On Energy Saving Potential Of Daylighting In Tropical Climates: A Case Study Of The Building Ibope, Brazil

Camila Carvalho Ferreira, Carla Patrícia Santos Soares, Paula Rocha Leite

Abstract: There are many references on the potential energy savings over the use of daylight, mostly from the international experience presented in the national literature as the potential savings for Brazil. This work aims the assessment of impacts of different controls systems of lighting in an office building located in São Paulo, Brazil. It was proposed then, the comparison of two automation systems for the integration of daylight and artificial light: dimming and switching multi-level. The two systems were effective in reducing energy consumption, mainly in the winter months, but during the year the automation system with switching allowed a reduction of 16% of total annual consumption, while the automation system with dimmer generated a 23% reduction.
Pages: 1920 - 1925