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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Integration Of Solar Photovoltaics: To Suffice Interior Lighting Energy Consumption Of Office Buildings In Ahmedabad

Ashima Charnalia, Jyotirmay Mathur, Rajan Rawal

Abstract: The study focuses on ways to reduce interior lighting energy consumption in daytime use office buildings and proposes use of solar photovoltaics to suffice the remaining ligthing energy requirement. First, we minimize the lighting energy consumption through integration of daylight harnessing elements and use of controls to reduce artificial lighting needs. Then, we maximize on-site Solar Photovoltaics installation to offset artificial lighting demand. We have demonstrated that up to three-four floors of a large daytime use office building can achieve net zero interior lighting energy consumption. The study shows that it is possible to achieve energy autonomy by changing the operation schedule of the building.
Pages: 1942 - 1949