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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Extension of the dynamic transfer characteristics under sinusoidal periodic boundary condition to real periodic solicitation conditions for the envelope opaque components

Andrea Gasparella, Giovanni Pernigotto, Marco Baratieri

Abstract: The present paper evaluates the reliability of a correction proposed in a previous work (Gasparella et al., 2011) to extend the dynamic heat transfer characteristics, such as the periodic thermal transmittance, time shift and decrement factor to nonsinusoidal periodic solicitations. The correction is based on the comparison of the real profile of the solicitation with its first harmonic component. The sol-air profiles for different orientations and climatic contexts are analyzed and applied to different opaque components. Predictions of the EN ISO 13786 with sinusoidal forcing temperature and the corrected values are assessed, comparing the results with the ones obtained with the EN ISO 13786 procedure applied on the Fast Fourier Transform decomposition of the external forcing sol-air temperature.
Pages: 1958 - 1965