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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Development Of Computational Tool To Evaluate The Building Energy Efficiency Level According To The Brazilian Labeling

Mauricio Nath Lopes, Humberto Leitão Riella, Gabriel Iwamoto

Abstract: The building labeling process is used in Brazil to develop the construction of more energy efficient buildings. A strategy to estimate the energy efficiency level in this classification process is the use of building simulation. The method consists in comparing the power consumption of the proposed (real) building with similar building (reference baseline) whose features comply with the desired efficiency level. Nowadays, the building simulation in Brazil, due to its complexity, has been done only in the major universities and in a few consultant companies. The current paper describes a computational tool developed to change this reality, allowing architects, engineers and designers, a user-friendly approach to building energy efficiency simulations. Its unique combination features are free web access, easy data input by intuitive graphic interface, cloud computing, exclusive file management, and the first developed specifically for the Brazilian Building Energy Efficiency Labeling.
Pages: 2040 - 2047