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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Coupling Strategy Of Hvac System Simulation And CFD Part 2: Study On Mixing Energy Loss In An Air-Conditioned Room

Satoru Iizuka, Mina Sasaki, Gyuyoung Yoon

Abstract: A coupled analysis of heating, ventilation and air-­ conditioning (HVAC) system simulation tool and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model was carried out to assess the mixing energy loss in an air-­ conditioned room where heating and cooling operate in the perimeter and interior zones simultaneously. To evaluate the mixing energy loss, we conducted two simulations;; one was the case with airflow mixing between the perimeter and interior zones and the other was the case without airflow mixing between the zones. By comparing the required coil loads between the two cases, the mixing energy loss was estimated. The accuracy of the coupled analysis was assessed by comparing its results with those from an experiment conducted by Ito (1988).
Pages: 2096 - 2101