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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Data dictionary pre-processor on interfaces of building energy simulation programs

Sergio Leal Ferreira, Brenda Chaves Coelho Leite, Joao Roberto Diego Petreche

Abstract: One way to keep the interfaces of a simulation program up to date without requiring a complete overhaul is to enable it to support a file with easily handled data structure, which contains the descriptions of all object classes required for the simulation. Aiming to ensure uniqueness of identification, unambiguous search and correction of the data in this file, this work proposes a preprocessor, validation of wich is done by applying it to a data dictionary of a simulation program widely used by scientific community, the EnergyPlus. Application results will be reported in this paper. Due to the good results it can be foresee that new robust and more reliable interfaces can be developed, as a continuation of this work.
Pages: 2194 - 2201