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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


A Building Simulation Environment For Analysis Of Water Spray Evaporative Cooling

Nathan Mendes, Antonio Cesar Silveira Baptista Da Silva, Rogério Marcos Barbosa

Abstract: Evaporative cooling is an attractive energy-efficient technique for producing a comfortable indoor environment. The efficiency and low cost of water spray evaporative cooling systems makes them a good alternative to reduce energy use. Even so, building simulation software does not currently incorporate direct evaporative cooling spray models because, among other reasons, an accurate prediction of spray evaporation performance is difficult to achieve due to the complex physical phenomena. In this work, simulations are carried out to illustrate the capability of the integration between a vaporization spray model and a whole-building hygrothermal model to predict hygrothermal performance of a building with water spray evaporative cooling system. The evaporation and building thermodynamics behavior are examined in a series of parametric tests, which demonstrate that the combined model is consistent and responds qualitatively well to variations in input parameters
Pages: 2393 - 2400