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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Using Building Simulation and Optimization to Calculate Control Lookup Tables Offline

Brian Edward Coffey

Abstract: Model Predictive Control (MPC) uses a system model and optimisation algorithm within the controller, calculating the best set-points at each time step given the current and predicted weather, occupancy, and other conditions. It is an established technique in other fields and has been receiving growing attention by buildings researchers, but has yet to find its way into common practice in this field. This paper presents a modified approach that uses pre-calculation of optimal setpoints over a grid of possible conditions and interpolation of the resulting lookup table for real-time control. Methodological details are considered and the range of applicability and relative performance is discussed, referencing case studies. Open-source software for this approach is also presented. It is hoped that the methods and software will provide researchers, designers and operators with a practical way to devise better supervisory controls for low-energy buildings.
Pages: 2439 - 2446