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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Design Optimization Of A Contemporary High Performance Shading Screen- Integration Of ‘Form’ And Simulation Tools

Azadeh Omidfar

Abstract: This project is an attempt to integrate and evaluate the formal and ornamental desires of contemporary architecture with the pressing need to create designs that optimize energy and daylight performance. With increased sophistication of digital tools to assess daylight and energy in buildings, a great potential exists to optimize the performance of contemporary building façades. This research study proposes a process for applying daylighting and energy analysis software to optimize the performance of a sun-shading screen based on Sculptor Erwin Hauer's design. Through an iterative analysis of the south facing screen, daylight and energy performance of an interior test space is optimized through parametrically manipulating the opening size and module depth of the screen. Results are then compared to baseline spaces with 30% and 100% Window-to-Wall ratios (WWR) to understand the screen's relative performance gains. This analysis shows that the optimized screen manages to reduce annual energy use by 35 percent and 42 percent visà-vis the two baseline cases.
Pages: 2491 - 2498