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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Energy Performance Analysis to Realize a Zero Energy House, ‘ZenerHeim’ in Korea

Jihyun Kim, Bohwan Oh, Heeseong Lee

Abstract: According to the government’s plan, our company set up a goal, which we termed ‘Green Premium’. It involves realizing a zero energy house as a commercialized residential building by 2020. In this paper, we present an example of a zero energy house (Zener Heim) applied to a house in an actual project in which people live. To realize the zero energy house, an energy simulation method was mainly utilized. The total energy used by a building (not only the cooling and heating energy but also the energy for lighting, hot water, instruments, cooking and other purposes) can reach zero through energy production by geothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic and fuel cell means. Finally, we found that it is possible to predict the cooling and heating energy via an energy simulation method and to realize a zero energy house based on the result of the energy simulation.
Pages: 2552 - 2556