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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Empirical Prediction of Office Building Lift Energy Consumption

Paul Bannister, Chris Bloomfield, Haibo Chen

Abstract: Simulation packages have not traditionally considered lift energy as a variable for explicit modelling. However, with the increasing emphasis in the use of simulation to predict post-construction energy use, there is an increasing need to develop improved methods for predicting lift energy in a manner that is likely to inform technology choice and post-construction monitoring. In this paper, the results of a significant survey of lift consumption in office buildings in Australia are presented. Empirical correlations have been developed that link energy use to basic technology and building size variables, permitting a degree of customisation of the benchmarks to individual buildings. The importance of lift energy in total energy use is confirmed by the finding that in the 57 buildings surveyed, 8.4% of the total base building (i.e. all consumption other than tenant light and power) energy bill was attributable to lifts. The results also indicate significant potential for energy efficiency in lift consumption, particularly through selection of lift technology.
Pages: 2635 - 2642