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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Analysis of Evacuation performance of merging points in Stadiums Based on Crowd Simulation

Ying Liu, Deming Liu, Norman Badler

Abstract: Holding huge amount of spectators simultaneously during sports and recreational events, the problem of outdoor stadiums is increasingly focusing on how to improve evacuation performance. At first, the prescriptive codes related to stadium evacuation were compared, and the characteristics and movements of stadium crowd were studied to build more reliable evacuation simulation scenarios. Next, the design variations of most congested merging points in outdoor stadiums, which involve gangway intersections, vomitory access and stairway access underneath the stands were investigated. Finally, we used a CA model to simulate the evacuation processes in different cases. By analyzing the output value of egress time, waiting time and total cost through the journey, evacuation performances of different design strategies were compared and discussed.
Pages: 2651 - 2658