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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Dynamic Insulation Applied To A Residential Building (Part 1) Numerical Evaluation Of Window Frame Applied Various Dynamic Insulation Patterns

Yutaka Oura, Satoshi Sawaki, Yoshikazu Nomura

Abstract: It is important to insulate the glazing or frames of windows efficiently because they usually contribute to some of the greatest heat loss from dwelling houses. To improve window insulation, we propose a new dynamic system applied to window frames. This frames, a mechanical ventilation system, and a heatrecovery heat pump system. These technologies bring about the realization of an energy-saving house. (2) Exhaust ventilation Outdoor Indoor system is composed of three parts: a dynamic insulation system applied to window frames, a mechanical ventilation system, and a heat-recovery heat pump system. In order to confirm its feasibility, we evaluated various insulation patterns, materials and structures, by computational fluid dynamics. Airflow DI frame Supply air Return air M.D M.D M.D
Pages: 2724 - 2729