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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Development of a Predictive Model for Power Consumption of Air-to-water Heat Pumps for Residential House

Hisashi Miura, Takashi Ogino

Abstract: A calculation model for air-to-water heat pump for space heating in residential house was developed. This model is assumed to be used for labelling or energy standards in Japan and parameters used in the model are assumed to be identified in the facility test by the manufactures. In order to simplify the test and decrease the identified parameters, the model used heat pump cycle model where the efficiency could be calculated by the evaporation temperature and the condensation temperature. Based on the steady-state out these tests in the laboratory and decided the coefficients in the equations in the model. However, these tests need much time and cost since many test cases are necessary to identify the parameters. In order to evaluate the performance of new-released heat pumps with higher efficiency or with different capacity hereafter, it is essential to develop the simple test with less reference measurement points, which can be easily carried out by the manufactures. Air-to-Medium Heat Exchange Unit Water-to-Medium Heat Exchange Unit Thermister on experiments, the authors clarified that the energy Compressor Muffl Valve main piping consumption could be calculated by modifying the T T er T heat pump cycle model with three parameters: heat Medium Thermistor Medium Water loss from refrigerant piping, compressor efficiency and auxiliary power consumption. Air-to-medium heat exchange unit T Water-to-medium heat exchange unit T
Pages: 2761 - 2768