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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


A real-life experience of using dynamic building simulation for building environmental performance assessment in Turkey

Meltem Bayraktar, Ece Kalaycioglu, Ayse Zerrin Yilmaz

Abstract: This paper discusses an experience of using dynamic building simulation to assess environmental performance of a residential building located in İzmir, Turkey. Changing international demand on sustainability is closely followed by Turkish construction industry. Newly introduced National Building Energy Performance Regulation has become a driving force towards green construction. Furthermore third party green building rating systems receive attention of the national market. Building simulation is becoming a part of integrated building design and gaining recognition. The current paper highlights key problems of practical application of building simulation through a real-life case study in Turkey. The simulation was used to improve the design of a residential building in terms of energy performance. The benefits and the risks of using simulation have been addressed.
Pages: 2836 - 2842