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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2013: 13th Conference of IBPSA


Parametric Design: A Case-study In Design-simulation Integration

Max Christian DOELLING, Farshad NASROLLAHI

Abstract: Climate change and rising energy costs necessitate a shift in how buildings that efficiently provide comfort are envisioned. With initiatives now aiming at bringing energy simulation into the mainstream of environmental design, the applicability of state-ofthe-art simulations in formally non-constrained creative production needs to be re-evaluated. To this end, a teaching experiment that includes multidomain simulations as drivers into the early architectural design process has been conducted; Master of Architecture students create a community centre with low energy use and high daylight utilization, presented in case studies. Performance increases are achieved by making appropriate morphological choices only; form and energy are thus linked in a tectonic fashion. A novel designsimulation process model that acknowledges both creative and analytic thinking is derived and discussed in the context of on-going integration attempts.
Pages: 885 - 892