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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2013: 13th Conference of IBPSA


Creating Simulation And Analyzing Systems Of The Amount Of Solar Energy That Received At Residential Buildings (case Study: Residential Complex Of Karaj Mehrshahr)


Abstract: The quality of a residential complex is based on numerous factors such as their access, privacy, legibility, appearance. Arrangement of the building blocks and their influence on each other are also important parameters for evaluating the large residential design project . On the other hand, an important criterion for sustainable design is to take advantage of sustainable energies. Considering the disadvantages of high rate of energy consumption in Iran, the more absorption of sunlight energy in winter can cause the more reduction in fuel consumption in cold and mountainous city of Iran which is the case study of this research. This paper will try to design and implement appropriate computer program method for Simulation and analysis of direct solar radiation received by the windows of residential units in different seasons. This method would be helpful to evaluate different alternatives in designs from the point of utilization of solar energy. Firstly, we are going to investigate the effective parameters on the amount of solar energy absorbed through the windows in different times of a year and then develop an appropriate algorithm and computer program for simulation the model. Finally, this algorithm will be used as a parametric analyser in a real project. The project is designing the arrangement of building’s blocks in a complex of 500 units in Mehrshar,Karaj. The result of this paper would be providing a computer program that can be used for simulating the architectural forms and analysing effective parameters in absorption of solar energy.
Pages: 937 - 945