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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Generation and Evaluation of Alternative Urban Densification Scenarios

Milena Vuckovic, Ardeshir Mahdavi, Christian Tauber, Kristina Kiesel-
Stefan Glawischnig, Alexandra Heiderer, Ida Pirstinger, Martina Majcen, Matthias Raudaschl TU Wien, Vienna, Austria

Abstract: This paper discusses a research aiming toward the development of a computational environment for the generation and evaluation of alternative urban densification scenarios. The envisioned densification scenarios include measures such as new buildings on yet empty building lots as well as horizontal and vertical extension of existing buildings. The respective potential future developments are framed here in part by a set of spatial constraints defined in building regulations and guidelines (such as, property boundaries, permitted building heights, daylight access). The generated alternative urban densification solutions can thus be subjected to comparative assessment and ranked with regard to multiple evaluative indicators pertaining to energy and environmental performance.
Pages: 59 - 64