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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Towards Better Buildings Performance Estimations?A Framework for Integrating Dynamic Occupant Behaviour in Dynamic Buildings Simulation Tools

Alaa Alfakara1, Ben Corxford1
1UCL Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE), London, UK

Abstract: This paper presents the development of a cosimulation system that links an Agent-Based Model (ABM), which simulated dynamic occupant behaviour, to a dynamic building simulation model (DBSM). The ABM was linked to EnergyPlus using the Functional Mock-up Interface standard (FMI), allowing for a real-time exchange of inputs/outputs at short time intervals between the two dynamic models. The ABM does not yet contain many of the requisite features for a fully-fledged ABM model, but does provide a robust framework for building up to a complete feature-set. The results of the co-simulation system showed a considerable variation when compared to a conventional DBSM simulation. The study has delivered insights into the importance of accounting of dynamic occupant behaviour, and has provided a framework for a new approach to enhance occupant behaviour modelling in current DBSM models.
Pages: 299 - 308