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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Study on Thermal Load Calculation for Ceiling Radiant Cooling Panel System

Sei Ito1, Yasunori Akashi2, Jongyeon Lim2
1Shimizu Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
2University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Abstract: The ceiling radiant cooling panel (CRCP) system affords a comfortable environment for occupants with reduced cooling energy consumption. However, it seems that the thermal load calculation for CRCP systems is unconfirmed. Therefore, this study was conducted to propose a thermal load calculation method for the CRCP system based on the thermal network simulation model using “Nets”. The case study results show that the cooling load on the CRCP system is higher than the general air conditioning system because the CRCP removes not only the room’s cooling load but also the ceiling plenum’s cooling load. Finally, this study clarifies the necessity of considering the ceiling plenum when calculating the thermal load for the CRCP system.
Pages: 555 - 563