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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Simulation-Based Monitoring Analysis of Air-Source Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps

Caroline Lorz, Romana Markovic, Je´roˆme Frisch, Christoph van Treeck
Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building (E3D), Aachen, Germany RWTH Aachen University

Abstract: The following research takes particular merit from long-term monitoring data of eight identical built-in compact air-to-water heat pump systems. Occupantrelated domestic hot water consumption data were therefore analyzed in different German households within the same building envelope and boundary conditions. Research progress is made based on realistic domestic hot water profiles. Measurement uncertainties as well as influencing system parameters are quantified and a reliable and validated simulation model is provided. The obtained results depict significant deviations from standardized and deterministic calculation methods. Efficient operation was found to be case-sensitive and limited by storage tank volumes and thermal storage behavior. This approach documents these findings with respect to analyzed and simulated occupant consumption data and thus aims to enhance further building performance predictions.
Pages: 587 - 595