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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Geothermal Information System for Potential Studies in Subsurface Soil Layers

Eric Fichter∗-1, Sebastian Weck1, Ralf Becker2, Jan Derksen3, Stephan Du¨ber3, Je´roˆme Frisch1, Robert Lo¨hring2, David Koppmann3, Jo¨rg Blankenbach2, Christoph van Treeck1, Martin Ziegler3
1Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building, RWTH Aachen University
2Chair for Computing in Civil Engineering & GIS, RWTH Aachen University
3Chair of Geotechnical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University

Abstract: The exploitation of shallow geothermal energy is challenging with respect to planning, dimensioning and approval procedures. All of these processes, as well as the achievable prediction accuracy, significantly depend on the data consistency. To reduce the complexity, all necessary data should be gathered in one database, serving as a tool in which the prementioned processes can be performed. This paper presents the geothermal information system GeTIS. It provides geothermal-related information that is needed by house owners, engineers and public authorities. Furthermore, it provides 3D subsurface and building performance simulations up to city district scale as well as plug-ins for the simulation tool FEFLOW. The used methods and standards are described and preliminary results of a practice-orientated dimensioning of a geothermal plant are presented.
Pages: 662 - 671