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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Bottom-up Modeling of Residential Heating Systems for Demand Side Management in District Energy System Analysis and Distribution Grid Planning

Michael Kramer, Akhila Jambagi, Vicky Cheng
Munich School of Engineering Technical University of Munich Munich, Germany

Abstract: The growing share of intermittent renewable energy sources together with the upcoming electrification of heating and cooling in European countries results in an increasing demand for operational flexibility in the energy system. Demand side management (DSM) of electric loads offers operational strategies to enable the provision of flexibility in demand of previously fixed loads. Residential electro-thermal heating systems are promising candidates to better utilize excess electricity generation from renewable energy sources, but may also add additional stress to existing grid infrastructure during peak load times. This paper introduces a bottom-up model to represent residential buildings in a district energy system. The operational behaviour of a model predictive control strategy is demonstrated, and its impact on the aggregate load curve is shown. The focus is on electrothermal heating systems like heat pumps in Germany.
Pages: 711 - 718