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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Analysis of Control Strategies for a Novel HVAC System Equipped with a Room-temperature Water Loop

Alessandro Maccarini1, Go¨ran Hultmark2, Alireza Afshari1, Niels C. Bergsøe1
1Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
2Lindab ICS Indoor Climate Solutions, Farum, Denmark

Abstract: This article presents a simulation-based study that investigated four control strategies to regulate a novel two-pipe system for office buildings. The main characteristic of the system is its ability to provide simultaneous heating and cooling by operating a single water circuit with supply temperature of about 22◦C. The study was conducted by considering a typical office building model in two different climates, Chicago (US) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Simulations were performed in Dymola, a commercial simulation environment for Modelica models. The four control strategies ranged from linear SISO (single input, single output) to PI (proportionalintegral) feedback controllers with detailed information about the indoor climate in the building. Results showed that all the four strategies were able to maintain comfortable levels of indoor air temperatures in the zones. With regard to the annual energy use, savings of about 7-10% were achieved when comparing PI feedback controllers with SISO strategies.
Pages: 831 - 838