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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Integrated Building Performance Optimisation: Coupling Parametric Thermal Simulation Optimisation and Generative Spatial Design Programming

Yair Schwartz, Rokia Raslan, Ivan Korolija, Dejan Mumovic
IEDE - Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering UCL, London, United Kingdom

Abstract: The evaluation of building performance is currently implemented through the modelling and simulation of buildings, where often a single model is built and assessed based on user-generated building design inputs. Although recently developed parametric design and optimisation applications enable researchers and practitioners to automate the iteration and evaluation of building design alternatives, the integration of automatic spatial arrangement generators into the framework of these applications is still very limited. This study aims to examine the potential coupling of parametric thermal simulations and optimisations with automated generative spatial design programming, in order to incorporate different spatial arrangements as an independent simulation parameter. For this, a generative spatial arrangement algorithm was developed, and a parametric optimisation analysis was carried out. Results show that the proposed algorithm successfully automated the generation of numerous floor layouts, and the optimisation has identified a series of optimal design alternatives. This method can help decision makers to explore a significantly wider range of possible design solutions, and offer design teams optimal designs.
Pages: 1222 - 1229