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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Inverse and forward modeling of New York City public buildings for refurbishment strategies

Jürgen Schumacher1, Ursula Eicker 1, Johannes Weigl1, Mario Orth1, Michael Bobker2, Honey Berk2
1University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, Germany
2City University of New York, USA

Abstract: Useful building performance indicators can be extracted from monthly energy data using inverse modeling approaches such as multiple linear change point models. It is, however, difficult to derive scenarios for strategic retrofit from building monitoring data, which would require a reasonable model description of the building and its technical systems to analyze performance when system components are exchanged or the building envelope is improved. In this work, methods are discussed to simulate building performance of the huge stock of New York public buildings by using 3D CityGML geometry data coupled to monthly energy balance models and calibrate the models using the monitoring data.
Pages: 1311 - 1318