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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Exergy Analysis of a Ground-Source Heat Pump System

Kathrin Menberg1,2, Yeonsook Heo2, Wonjun Choi3, Ryozo Ooka3, Ruchi Choudhary1, Masanori Shukuya4
1University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering, Cambridge, UK,
2 University of Cambridge, Department of Architecture, Cambridge, UK,
3 University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science, Tokyo, Japan,
4 Tokyo City University, Department of Restoration Ecology and Built Environment, Tokyo, Japan

Abstract: In contrast to energy analysis, the analysis of exergy allows the evaluation of the quality of different energy flows and enables a comprehensive assessment of the performance of a system and its individual components by accounting for necessary exergy consumption and unnecessary consumption. While exergy analysis methods have been applied to a variety of conventional and renewable energy supply systems, there is still a lack of knowledge regarding the detailed exergy flows and exergy efficiencies of ground-source heat pump systems (GSHP). In this study, we develop a thermodynamic model for a ground-sourced cooling system of an existing building by applying the concept of cool and warm exergy. In addition, we investigate the effect of varying temperature conditions, such as reference and ground temperatures, on the exergy flows and system performance.
Pages: 1646 - 1655