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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Optimizing Economizer Operation by Virtual Commissioning through Remote Co-Simulation

Damon Woods
1 , Tyler Noble, Brad Acker, Ralph Budwig, and Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg 2 1 University of Idaho, Boise, ID 2 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Abstract: The authors modeled an existing building in EnergyPlus and connected the computer model to a clone of the building’s air handler controller. The energy model was based on a three-story structure comprising a mix of offices and classrooms. The energy model simulated the inputs normally provided to the controller hardware by physical sensors within the building. The controller response was then fed back into the energy model for a ping-pong style co-simulation. The authors used this approach to identify and correct areas where the economizer control settings were not optimal, potentially saving the building 4% (56,000 kWh) of energy each year. This approach could be replicated on other systems and buildings as a way of performing pre-commissioning or advanced retro-commissioning of a building’s energy management control system (EMS).
Pages: 1905 - 1912