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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Complex Large-Scale Heating, Cooling and Power Supply Models – Virtual Renewable Power Plant Simulation with Modelica

Torsten Schwan1, René Unger1
1EA Systems Dresden GmbH, Dresden, Germany

Abstract: Today, continuously decreasing profit margins on energy selling as well as increasing prize volatility and restrictive legislation already force local utility companies to find extraordinary business concepts. Those solutions integrate combined heat, cold and power supply as well as sophisticated control algorithms to build virtual power plants including large-scale renewable energy production (e.g. photovoltaic power plants, biogas power plants, etc.) and local energy storage (large-scale battery storages, eMobility, etc.). This way, simulation engineers have to focus on those new requirements by adapting existing building and energy supply simulation approaches to large-scale problems. This paper presents some interesting aspects of model-based virtual power plant controller design with an adapted Modelica framework.
Pages: 1913 - 1921