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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Dynamic-physical Model to Predict the Performance of a Solar Chimney in a Warm-humid Climate with Different Absorbent Materials

Luis Godoy-Vaca1, Manuel Almaguer1, Juan Kastillo1, Javier Martínez1,2, Andrea Lobato-Cordero1
1Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables, Quito, Ecuador
2Universidad Internacional SEK Ecuador, Quito EC170134, Quito, Ecuador Correspondence

Abstract: The aim of this research is to simulate the performance of a solar chimney located in a warm-humid climate using a dynamic-physical model, which evaluates different absorbent materials. The model was simulated in Python programming software in order to predict the temperature distribution and the mass flow of the chimney over time. The results obtained were first compared with experimental data for dry-warm climate. Then, the model was evaluated and tested over real weather conditions. In addition, the assumed chimney dimensions were chosen according the literature for the studied conditions. In spite of evaluating the best nightly ventilation, different chimney wall materials were tested: solid brick, common brick and reinforced concrete. The results showed that, for warm and humid climate, it is better to use solid brick. It is due to the solid brick high heat capacity, which can accumulate the heat during the day and discharge during the night.
Pages: 2069 - 2078