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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Daylight Performance of Subdivided Windows with Automatic and Manual Shading Devices

Leyla Sanati
Integrated Design Lab, University of Idaho, Boise, Idaho, USA

Abstract: The admission of daylight into the buildings has numerous benefits concerning building energy use and occupant mood, well-being, and productivity. These benefits are rarely achieved in buildings where fenestration design is reduced to an opening with a manual blind due to occupants’ infrequent shade operation. On the other hand, fully autmated shading systems are often disliked and overridden by the occupants. This paper examines the daylight performance of two subdivded window systems with automatic louvers on the upper half and manual blinds on the lower half of the window. The results show that a subdivded window mixing manual and automatic shading devices has the potential to prodcue significant energy saving while keeping the occupants in the control loop.
Pages: 2171 - 2178