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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Metamodel-based Dynamic Daylighting Simulation

Dan Hou1,2, Gang Liu1, Qi Zhang1, Lan Wang1,3
1School of Architecture, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
2 Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore, Singapore
3 Institute of MPS, Tianjin Fire Research, Tianjin, China

Abstract: Currently, building performance optimization approach attracts more and more architects’ attentions and is expected to become the future trend to substitute the conventional manual comparison in sustainable building practices. However, the time-consuming simulations such as daylighting simulat ion, brings a large obstacle for its application. To mit igate this issue, this study proposes an advanced approach combining adaptive metamodel with Daysim (AMDS), to improve the efficiency of simulation for dynamic daylighting metrics with spatial feature (APUDI). Several groups of tests are conducted for debugging and validating its performance. The results show the time cost can be reduced to only 7%~17% of the general simulation while the accuracy keeps on the acceptable level. This study shows the potential of metamodel in predicting build ing performance, and is expected to inspire its application in other grid-based simulation, like CFD.
Pages: 2494 - 2502