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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Analysis of Architectural Façade Elements in Tropical Climates for Daylight, Thermal Comfort and Passive Climatization

Elizabeth McCormick1, J. Alstan Jakubiec2, Michael Budig2
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
2Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Abstract: Singapore is one country that is leading the charge in environmental design in the tropics by advocating for smart strategies in buildings. The small city-state uses Residential Envelope Transmittance Values (RETV) to quantify heat transfer through residential building façades. This study compares simulated performance metrics of ten Singaporean housing developments to calculated RETV values to evaluate qualitative metrics such as daylight penetration and interior operative temperature (comfort) against physical building features such as shading and window-to-wall ratio. The authors have determined that while RETV is a unique way to quantify thermal transfer through the building envelope, it ignores many of the qualitative characteristics implicit in passive buildings that define building performance.
Pages: 2540 - 2548