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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Developing an OpenStudio Script for Simpler Compliance Validation for the Energy Conservation Code for Buildings in Mexico

Mauro Contreras-Luzanilla1,2, Fátima Chavarría3
1ITOM Concepto, Ciencia & Eficiencia, Monterrey, Mexico
2Kolben Ecotecnologías, Monterrey, Mexico
3Colectivo MX Arquitectos, Mexico City, Mexico

Abstract: This paper shows how a customized OpenStudio script was developed, based on the Mexican standard for energy efficiency in residential building envelopes. Currently existing validation tools impose a burden for CAD-oriented building designers; they require long sessions for the calculation of thermal characteristics of each component, as well as tedious data-capturing without the aid of a graphical user interface (GUI). OpenStudio’s built-in capabilities and GUI, allowed for the creation of a robust and simpler method for compliance validation. This paper shows that, compared to the existing validation tools, this script improves both the time consumed and accuracy of the calculations. Lastly, alternative ways to increase the scripts capabilities and practicality for widespread use in Mexico are discussed.
Pages: 2627 - 2633