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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Load Calculation and Energy Simulation: The Link between Design and Operation for Building Design

and operation for building design PC Thomas1, GS Rao1, Justin Wong2
1Team Catalyst, Sydney, Australia
2Lend Lease, Sydney, Australia

Abstract: The current challenge for HVAC engineers is be able to provide a high level of thermal comfort in an energy efficient manner. It is argued that HVAC engineers must use the vitally important combination of right sizing and energy simulation to first predict, and then achieve, high performance outcomes in air-conditioned buildings. This two-step process benefits from the use of the most accurate algorithms to compute HVAC system sizing, and the application of practical experience and knowledge in the use of energy simulation programs which can represent system components and overall system control strategies to represent HVAC systems. The authors have developed and used this process for well over a decade, which has resulted in the successful delivery and continued operation of a number of high performance buildings, particularly office buildings, whose performance has been proven by monthly utility bills for 12 consecutive months.
Pages: 2661 - 2666