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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


A Calibration Process Focused on Predicting Both Energy Performance and Indoor Thermal Conditions

Saman Mostafavi1, Benjamin Futrell1, Robert W. Cox1
1UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina

Abstract: This paper describes a new approach for calibrating whole-building energy models. In this case, we expose the building to a thermal-response test and observe its natural response to ambient conditions during unoccupied periods. This approach allows us to develop a calibrated model for the building structure using a set of conditions that more fully expose its complete dynamics. Subsequent calibration steps could be used to calibrate occupancy and system models as in Lam et al. (2014). The authors ultimately select parameters using the Bayesian calibration approach. The paper discusses both the rationale for the approach as well as the specific mechanism through which it is implemented. The superiority over whole-building energy calibration is demonstrated using a simulation study. Results from a real-world case study are also presented.
Pages: 2667 - 2676