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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Development of Reference Building Energy Models for South Korea

Deuk Woo Kim1, Yu Min Kim1, Sang Hoon Lee2, Won Young Park2, Young Jin Bok3, Sung Kyun Ha3, Seung Eon Lee1
1Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, South Korea
2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States
3Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Research Canter, South Korea

Abstract: It is important for South Korea to set a roadmap for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to keep pace with the newly established target from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Building energy consumption is a major source of nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, there is a rising interest in developing reference buildings which can be used as a roadmap simulator to represent energy consumption of building stocks. The paper introduces development of eleven reference building energy models for South Korea based on the national statistics. Input data preparation and model validation are given. Finally, it is shown that the reference models reflect the real building stock with a deviation margin about 20% for residential and 10% for commercial buildings.
Pages: 2693 - 2700