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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2017: 15th Conference of IBPSA


Selecting the Optimum Window Elements of Several WWRs without Prejudicing the Energy Consumption

Ali F. Alajmi, Hosny Abou-Ziyan, Hamad H. Al-Mutairi
Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Technological Studies PAAET, Kuwait0

Abstract: In this study, a simulation-based optimization technique (SOT) has been used to find optimum window elements that allow the architects and owners to choose their preferences without sacrificing the energy efficiency. In order to implement the SOT, Evolutionary Algorithm (Genetic Algorithm, GA) was linked with a simulation program (EnergyPlus) using the (jEplus+EA) tool. EnergyPlus used to model a west-facing living room on a ground floor of a residential building. The design parameters of the modeled zone were window’s glazing and frame materials, overhang projection and inclination, room depth, and side-fins projection for window-to-wallratios (WWRs) from 10 to 50%. Such set of parameters with their bounds turns into 0.778 million possible solutions for each WWR. The outcomes of this study showed that WWR up to 40% could be utilized to design a house window with an excess energy less than 5% compared to that at WWR=10%.
Pages: 2759 - 2766