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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019: 16th Conference of IBPSA


Impact of Building Energy Code at City Level Energy Consumption – A Study in the Context of Ahmedabad, India

Rajan Rawal, Kartikay Sharma, Himani Pandya
CARBSE, CEPT University, India

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the impact of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), India implementation in the city of Ahmedabad India. The study uses available administrative and property tax data from the local government in conjunction with building energy simulation to estimate the benefits of various energy conservation measures (ECM) proposed in the ECBC. The study compares ECM between two versions of the code titled ECBC 2007 and ECBC 2017. It also investigates the impact of three stringencies defined in ECBC 2017. The paper establishes the energy saving impact due to only envelop measures, due to Envelope & HVAC measures combined and due to the deployment of all ECM mandated in the ECBC. To envisage the impact of ECM at the city level the paper estimates growth in floor space up to the year 2047 and then attempts to envisage energy saving potential. Selection of 2047 is based on its significance since India will celebrate the 100th year of its independence. The paper also attempts to estimate future saving potential in event of code implementation. The paper correlates the amount of floor space of various types of buildings in the city with total energy saving potential due to the partial deployment of code only for certain types of buildings. It also estimates savings due to partial compliance of code for certain building types based on ease of implementation i.e. it estimates 6% savings if all large office buildings in the city meet only envelop requirement of ECBC 2017 but 27% savings in the event of enforcement of all ECM of ECBC 2017. The paper helps to understand the impact of various building types and impact of various ECM at the building level and at the city level. The paper provides valuable guidance to policymakers for code implementation and enforcement of code based on various stringencies and/or based on the implementation and enforcement scope of the code.
Keywords: Building Stock, Energy Code, Ahmedabad, Implementation, Energy Efficiency
Pages: 3917 - 3925