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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019: 16th Conference of IBPSA


Experimental Testing and Modelling of a Variable Capacity Air-to-air Heat Pump in Cooling Mode

Gregor Strugala 1, Michaël Kummert 1, Martin Kegel 2
1 Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
2 CanmetENERGY-Varennes, Canada

Abstract: Due to their energy efficiency, air source heat pumps are an increasingly popular solution for space heating, despite their limitations in cold weather. Variable capacity heat pumps (VCHP) make use of variable speed inverter-driven compressors to improve comfort and to provide a broader operating temperature range encouraging larger evaporators/condensers to extract more energy from the air, without the downfall of being oversized at warmer conditions. This benefit has seen a growing interest for air source heat pump systems (ASHPs) in North America due to the wide operating conditions. While the variable capacity air-to-air (air-source) heat pumps (VCASHPs) are gaining popularity, there is still a lack of accurate performance curves and detailed models in building simulation tools in order to accurately assess their annual energy saving and utility cost reduction benefit. To address this gap, Natural Resources Canada, CanmetENERGY has been conducting both heating and cooling experimental tests of both ducted and ductless VCASHP systems to gain a better understanding of their performance and limitations as well as support the development of detailed performance models for building simulation tools. This paper presents the extension of a VCASHP TRNSYS heating mode component model, with the experimental testing of a ductless VCASHP in cooling mode under different operating conditions and steady state operation.
Keywords: mini-split heat pump, variable capacity, air source, TRNSYS
Pages: 2034 - 2040