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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Performance simulation of a hybrid geothermal rain water tank coupled to a building mechanical ventilation system

Jean-Baptiste Bouvenot
INSA Strasbourg/ICube Laboratory, France

Abstract: Large buried rain water recovery tanks are similar to single but large superficial geothermal probes that can be “thermally activated” by immersion of a heat exchanger. This hybrid concept is poorly studied in the literature. This publication presents the heat exchanger sizing and the energy relevance of a rainwater tank used as water supplier and as geothermal probe in a heat recovery double-flow mechanical ventilation unit to cool down fresh air in summer and to preheat cold air in winter. The system has been stressed in actual and future climates (Strasbourg climate, France) by testing different control strategies. This study shows the good performance of this passive and low tech system to provide sufficient passive cooling in summer peak days (>1000 W for 8 m3 buried tank) while relieving the sewage and water supply network. This study proves it's a promising hybrid concept which can be spread in different areas (urban or rural) in a climate change and natural resources depletion context.
Keywords: Rain water harvesting, Surface geothermal energy, Geocooling, Summer comfort, ventilation
Pages: 688 - 695