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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


A practical approach for modelling PV off-grid systems in EnergyPlus using post-processing of data to identify black out days

Valentina Tomat, Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, Antonio F. Skarmeta-Gómez
University of Murcia, Spain

Abstract: The sizing of hybrid photovoltaic systems and standalone photovoltaic systems can be considered similar, since it is based on the design of a generator, an inverter, a storage system and a distribution system. When the battery discharges totally, in hybrid photovoltaics power is taken from the grid, while in standalone systems a power outage occurs. Black-out periods can be considered as a fail on the installation and therefore, software aiming at sizing a functional system do not take them into account as they should never occur. However, these blackouts have to be quantified in the design stage, as they can be compensated by a different generator. The main idea behind this paper is to use the common place building simulator EnergyPlus to understand if it is possible to model a standalone photovoltaic system starting from the simulation of a hybrid photovoltaic system. Our proposal consists of considering the days characterized by a lack of energy stored in the battery system of hybrid photovoltaics as if they were blackout days of a corresponding standalone system. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this approach to the off-grid PV systems has never been proposed in a scientific paper. Ten different scenarios are simulated and afterwards validated through PVGIS, a tool implemented by the European Commission. The comparison between the two methods shows good accuracy.
Keywords: photovoltaic, off-grid, EnergyPlus, simulation, battery
Pages: 1044 - 1051