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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Identifying grey-box models from archetypes of apartment block buildings

Marius Eide Bagle 1, Philip Maree 2, Harald Taxt Walnum 1, Igor Sartori 1
1 SINTEF Community, Norway
2 SINTEF Digital, Norway

Abstract: Advanced building control strategies, like Model Predictive Control, has thus far seen limited implementation in real buildings. A key challenge to overcome is the development of robust methods for model identification. Although much work has been done in the way of mathematical methods for generating models, the practical applications are still in the early stages. In particular, most model identification methods require high-quality data, usually only obtained in an experimental setting. In this work, a method to short-circuit this process by using validated simulation models to obtain suitable grey-box models is developed, by leveraging existing software. The resulting models show consistent although time-varying dynamics, in addition to reasonable simulation performance under a variety of conditions.
Keywords: Grey-box modelling, Optimization, Building physics, Moving Horizon Estimation
Pages: 1091 - 1098