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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2021: 17th Conference of IBPSA


Simulation based evaluation of building integrated solar envelope systems on building level

Fabian Ochs 1, Mara Magni 1, Martin Hauer 2, Samuel De Vries 3, Paolo Bonato 4
1 University of Innsbruck, Austria
2 Bartenbach, Austria
3 TUe, The Netherlands
4 Eurac Research, Italy

Abstract: Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems (BISES) consists of elements that use and/or control solar energy and deliver renewable thermal and/or electric energy to the building HVAC system providing heating, cooling and ventilation, and/or daylight control. This paper gives an overview of the BISES investigated within IEA SHC Task 56, gives recommendations for assessing BISES and presents results of detailed dynamic building and HVAC system simulations including various BISES technologies using case study as an example. A techno-economic analysis was performed and different solutions were compared. For the detailed technical and economic analysis of different BISES on building level, dynamic building and HVAC simulations were performed using reference buildings in different European climates. Furthermore, experiences from European demo projects were included in the analysis. Key Implications • Definition and evaluation of BISES • Cost optimal nZEB solutions and RE integration • Integrated and systematic modelling approach
Keywords: Techno Economic Analysis, Primary Energy, cost-optimality, HVAC, BISES
Pages: 94 - 101